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Faith Build 2018

Habitat for Humanity was founded as a Christian organization, and has sought to operate with Christian principles. When Habitat for Humanity International began work on its strategic plan for 2014-2018, it was with a commitment to deliberatively seek God’s guidance throughout the process. Faithfulness to that goal resulted in many experiencing God’s spirit moving in powerful ways. As the plan was adopted, the concept of “Keeping God at the Center” grew and began to spread throughout Habitat.

This resulted in HFHI leadership adopting the stated goal of Habitat for Humanity reaching its 50th anniversary (2026) — and beyond—as a vibrant, effective, global Christian organization committed to demonstrating the love and teachings of Jesus. Essential to following this example is to welcome to our work people of all faiths and no faiths—a practice Habitat has followed since its founding.

So, how can you and your faith congregation keep faith in action alive in our community? FAITH BUILD

Faith Build 2018 is an opportunity for your church to make a big impact on Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley.

In Spring of 2018 we will be building four new homes in Bethlehem, PA. They are two sets of twin homes on Keystone Ave. The initial construction of the home is something we call a BLITZ BUILD. It is two weeks of all-hands-on deck!. Volunteers and crew will completely frame, install windows, put siding on and get the homes under-roof. BLITZ BUILDS don’t happen often and they are extremely exciting and fun!

One of the homes is the site of a Thrivent Financial Challenge Grant. They have made a generous donation to Habitat if we can match their grant with donations from churches we will build the whole house at $72,000!

Here is how you can help:

Pledge to raise money to donate to Faith Build. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar with the grant from Thrivent Financial.

Work with our Volunteer Coordinator, Camille Urbano, to plan your fundraising activities and schedule your volunteer day for BLITZ BUILD.

Find out if any of your church members are Thrivent members to maximize their impact by using Thrivent Challenge dollars.

Do you have questions?
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Contact: Camille Urbano