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Habitat Lehigh Valley is a volunteer-driven organization.  Volunteers are an essential and integral element of Habitat Lehigh Valley’s mission. There are many opportunities for volunteers on and off the construction site.

Construction Opportunities

There are many opportunities for volunteers on the construction site:

Regular Construction: We have regular construction opportunities on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm. No experience is necessary. Volunteer activities can include carpentry, insulation, drywall, painting, cabinetry, landscaping, and more. The minimum age is 16.

Core Construction Team: The core construction team is a group of regular volunteers that are on the jobsite on a consistent, weekly basis. The commitment necessary to be a core volunteer is volunteering 10 hours per month or coming out to 2 volunteer days per month (whichever comes first). If you are interested in joining the core construction volunteer group, email camille@habitatlv.org to coordinate a shadow opportunity with one of our experienced volunteers.

Blitz Builds: During a Blitz Build Habitat works with volunteers to get a future Habitat home under roof in 11 days. No experience is necessary; you only need a willingness to learn and a positive attitude.  Activities will include framing, hammering, clean-up, wrapping, siding etc.  Minimum age is 18.

“A Brush with Kindness” Neighborhood Revitalization: This program assist income-eligible homeowners who are unable to financially and/or physically maintain the exterior of their homes.  The projects will include items such as community clean-ups, painting, porch and step repair, accessibility ramps, landscaping, yard cleanup and minor exterior repairs that create significant improvements to owner-occupied homes. Minimum age is 16.

How to Volunteer on the Construction Site


Become a volunteer in 3 simple steps:

Take the online safety quiz, Create a Volunteer Hub account, Read and review the Volunteer Handbook.

 Online Safety Certification

All individuals or groups volunteering on the construction site at any time must complete the Online Safety Certification.

  • Click the link to go to the Safety Training website
  • Enter the Employee Access Code: W8NAEBTG and press Submit (This is the code for all Habitat volunteers)
  • Select this course: Volunteering On A Habitat for Humanity Job Site
  • The course loads and starts automatically. Watch and listen carefully!
  • When the presentation has ended you will be prompted to take a Quiz.

When you get to the slide titled “Quiz,” pause the slideshow to review the course before starting the quiz. Once you start the quiz, you CANNOT review the course.  Upon completion of the quiz, you’ll be given your accuracy score, indicating Pass or Fail. The Habitat affiliate will not be given your score, it will only be notified when a course is passed. This course is meant to be informational and educational by providing you with basic knowledge to help you as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

  • If you Fail, you may log in again and re-take the course at a later time
  • If you Pass, you will be directed to a course completion screen

On the course completion screen, enter your First Name and Last Name in the appropriate fields. In the Location field, enter the Habitat affiliate name followed by the State: HABITAT LEHIGH VALLEY, PA.

 Create a volunteer account

All open volunteer opportunities are posted on our online volunteer schedule.  Your volunteer account will enable you to sign up for volunteer opportunities that you would like to participate in; If you find an opportunity that interests you, we require that you sign up for the opportunity to reserve your spot.

To create an account, go to our online volunteer schedule page and register an account.

 Review the Volunteer Handbook

 You’re ready to sign up for volunteer opportunities online!

Congratulations! Once you have completed the online registration and attended the Foundations of Habitat orientation, you are ready to sign up for open volunteer opportunities on our online volunteer schedule!

Court Ordered Community Service Volunteers

In addition to the steps above, read the Community Service Policy and Guidelines.  Submit a signed Community Service Acknowledgement, which signifies that you understand and agree to the Policy and Guidelines.

Non-Construction Opportunities


Volunteers are always needed at the ReStore. Sign up for the next ReStore Volunteer Training prior to volunteering.  You also must be able to commit to a 4-hr shift.  Read more about ReStore volunteer opportunities here.

Download the ReStore Volunteer Training Guide

Office Assistance

Days of Operation: Monday thru Friday Office Hours: 8:30-5:00pm. Volunteers can assist in filing, data entry, and book keeping in our office.  If you would like to be an office volunteer, email camille@habitatlv.org.

Habitat Ambassadors

Are you passionate about the work that we do in our community? Would you like to learn more about how we work with our Partner Families and community partners? Would you like to share the Habitat Lehigh Valley story with others in our community? If so, we have an opportunity for you!

Our affiliate frequently receives requests for Habitat Lehigh Valley to attend community events to come out, set up a table, and share information about our program and volunteer opportunities. Habitat Ambassadors will represent Habitat Lehigh Valley at these events to educate the community about what we do, answer questions, and advise on how to support, volunteer or/and donate to Habitat. We are looking for 12 volunteers to become members of the newly appointed Habitat Ambassadors Team. We will train you, provide you with talking points, share our brochure materials and answer your questions. Then, as we are asked out into the community we will coordinate with you, according to your availability and interests. Ambassadors will usually work in teams of two or three. Ambassadors will be responsible for providing their own transportation to speaking engagements as well as picking up any required display materials from the Habitat affiliate. If you’re interested please submit a completed application.

Food Service Coordinators

Organize and provide food for build volunteers as a Food Service Coordinator. Below is an idea of the types of food items is needed for build site. If you are interested in this, email camille@habitatlv.org.


Breakfast 8 am: Breakfast bars, muffins, fruit, coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, etc.
Lunch 11 am: Meat sandwiches, hamburgers/hotdogs, chicken, chili, stew, pizza, lasagna, burritos, barbeque, chips, salad, potato salad, fruit salad, cookies, brownies, etc.
Snacks: Fruit, chips, crackers, pretzels, protein/granola bars, trail mix, etc.
Drinks: Water, ice, fruit juice, tea, coffee, soda, lemonade, iced tea, Gatorade, etc.


  • Utensils
  • Paper towels
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cream/Sugar (for coffee)
Serve on a Commitee

Family Mentoring Committee

Meeting Date: Once a month, weekday evening

Currently recruiting! Speaking Spanish, Swahili, and/or French is a plus. Works with the families from approval into the program until they move into their new Habitat home. Upon arrival into the program, the Mentoring Committee assigns a volunteer mentor to each family who will work as a liaison, one on one, with the family.

Family Selection Committee

Time Commitment: Once a month, weekday evening

Currently recruiting! Speaking Spanish, Swahili, and/or French is a plus. Carefully reviews applicant information and initially meets with the families to determine if they meet the program guidelines, which are based on need, income, and the ability to pay a mortgage, and a willingness to partner with Habitat.

Volunteer Relations Committee

Time Commitment: Once a month, weekday evening

Currently recruiting!  Works to ensure a positive experience for volunteers and supports HLV staff in the areas of recruiting, serving, and recognizing volunteers.


Women Build Committee

Time Commitment: Once a month, weekday evening

Currently recruiting! Planning, fundraising and marketing for the Women Build Initiative.  Activities involve managing special events, construction and advocacy.


Special Events Committee

Time Commitment: Once a month, weekday afternoon

Facilitates and maximizes the planning and fundraising potential for our annual events.


Ambassadors Committee

Time Commitment: Ambassadors are notified when opportunities are available

(Not currently recruiting) Ambassadors are trained and equipped to represent HLV in the community to increase program awareness.  Public speaking, community events and table events.

Finance Committee

Time Commitment: Once a month, weekday afternoon

(Not currently recruiting) Oversees and manages Habitat’s financial resources including cash holdings, loan obligations, and mortgage portfolio. It also sets the organization’s policies on such issues as mortgage delinquency, operating cash and house pricing. Members typically have a background in banking, accounting or additional related fields.

IT Committee

Time Commitment: As needed

(Not currently recruiting) Reviews Habitat’s information technology infrastructure and equipment, and makes recommendations to improve IT; particularly in the area of data security and disaster recovery.

ReStore Support Committee

Time Commitment: Bi-monthly, weekday evening

(Not currently recruiting) The ReStore committee acts as a sounding board for the ReStore Leadership Team in regards to operational issues.  It provides a support mechanism for gathering feedback from volunteers, donors & customers.  It also assist with planning special events in the store.